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Installing the right irrigation system is critical to keeping your plants and trees healthy throughout the entire year, especially in Arizona’s hot and dry climate. With 20 years of landscaping experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and know-how to handle your irrigation installation needs–no matter how complex they might be. Give us a call today to make sure your landscape flourishes for years to come. 

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Enjoy a Sustainable & Low-Maintenance Yard

We know that as a busy homeowner, the perfect landscape is one you don’t have to worry about. It’s also one that doesn’t make your water bill skyrocket or damage the environment around it. 

We specialize in designing and installing landscapes that require minimal resources, maintenance, and long-term costs. 

Our landscapers our certified in Sustainable Landscape Management by the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association, which means you’ll be working with experienced professionals that know how to keep your desert landscape healthy. 

Whether you need to install an irrigation system for the first time or replace an old one during your landscape installation project, Pimentel Landscaping is ready and able to help. 

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Your East Valley Irrigation Installation Experts

As an East Valley landscape design company, we specialize in building beautiful and functional desertscapes. An important part of that process is making sure your new desertscape is properly irrigated and maintained. 

Our irrigation services include the installation of:

  • Backflow preventers
  • Irrigation valves
  • Timers
  • Low pressure tubing
  • PVC bubbler heads
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Drip Irrigation Systems

Desert landscapes can be difficult and costly to maintain using traditional irrigation methods like sprinklers. That’s why we often recommend and install drip irrigation systems for homeowners in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek.

When they are installed and maintained correctly, drip irrigation systems can use up to 50 percent less water than a traditional sprinkler system. Because drip irrigation systems go straight into the soil, they’re able to deliver water and nutrients directly to your plants without any waste from evaporation or run-off. 

Planning is extremely important when installing a new drip irrigation on your property. And we take great care during the landscape design process to ensure there’s no need for any changes or unnecessary digging during the installation. 

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