We know that each yard has a different set of needs. That’s why we give custom quotes based on the specific services your yard requires. 

However, we can give you some ballpark ranges for what you can expect to pay each month for our Weekly, Biweekly, and Monthly service plans.

All of these plans include a full cleanup before we leave your property.

Monthly: $130-200

This is a great option for homeowners with desertscapes and no lawns. We’ll come out once per month to pull weeds, trim your bushes, and keep your gravel raked and looking neat.

Biweekly: $250-350

This is great for homeowners with desertscapes and small lawns. We’ll perform all of the services mentioned in the Monthly plan, as well as mowing and edging your lawn.

We recommend the Biweekly plan for most homeowners in the Mesa area. 

Weekly: $400-500

Have a big lawn that needs to be consistently maintained? This plan is for you. We’ll perform all of the Monthly and Biweekly services on a weekly basis. So you never have to worry about your lawn looking out of shape.

Ready for Us to Get to Work on Your Yard?