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When you need your trees taken care of properly, get the help of trained professionals. For 20 years, we’ve helped residents throughout the East Valley ensure the health and beauty of their property with our quality tree services. Our team of arborists is prompt, efficient, and makes safety their top priority!

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Tree Services: Removal, Pruning, and Trimming

Don’t leave the care of your trees up to chance. We have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to take care of all of your tree care needs. 

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Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a dangerous and complex task. Our expert crew is insured and fully trained to get the job done safely. 

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Tree Pruning

If you want to keep your trees healthy, then look no further. We know exactly how and when to prune your trees for optimal growth. 

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Tree Trimming

Don’t let falling branches become a danger to your property. Our trimming services will keep your home safe and your trees beautiful.

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Safe Tree Removal

While trees can be one of the largest and longest lasting parts of your landscape, they aren’t invincible. They can fall victim to decay, weather damage, and destructive pests that make them a danger to you and your property. 

We know that tree removal can be dangerous if not done properly. That’s why safety is our highest priority when removing unwanted or damaged trees from your property. Our crew is fully insured and takes great care to avoid disturbing other parts of your property during the removal process.  

We also provide emergency tree removal services for when trees fall unexpectedly. If you need urgent attention, give our team a call at (480) 868-1133

crew removing tree from yard
pruning shears cutting end of branch

Tree Pruning

Many people think tree trimming and pruning are the same thing. And while at times they may have similar outcomes, trimming and pruning have different goals. 

The goal of tree trimming is mainly aesthetic. The primary goal of pruning is to keep your trees healthy and promote optimal growth. It involves the careful removal of dead or dying branches to prevent diseases and pests. In addition, proper pruning can even make your trees more storm resistant. 

At Pimentel Landscaping, we have the knowledge and expertise to keep your trees healthy. Whether your trees are young or mature, we know what parts of the your trees to prune and what time of year is best for pruning.

Tree Trimming

Trees offer a variety of benefits to homeowners in the East Valley, including beauty, shade, and even storm protection. However, proper tree care is necessary in order to maximize those benefits and avoid unnecessary hazards on your property.

Our tree trimming services can help you keep your property safe and looking great all year. We’re fully insured and use the safest tree trimming practices available. 

In order to ensure we trim your trees without damaging them, we carefully take into account important factors such as their location, size, and maturity. Once our evaluation is done, we complete the work while causing as little inconvenience to you as possible. 

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